Harry splits from Taylor

Taylor Swift to sing about ex Harry

American singer Taylor Swift is in the process of writing a new song about her break-up from One Direction star Harry Styles, according to The Sun.

The singer, 23, who tried her hand at acting in Valentine’s Day, has previous for basing tracks on former boyfriends. Splits from John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal have been the source of inspiration in the past; now it is Harry’s turn.

Taylor stores memories of relationships in a vintage box, with a necklace made by Harry as a gift and photos of the Brit the latest additions to the trunk.

A source close to Taylor confirmed the Love Story and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer is penning a new track about Harry.

“Her main source of material for the songs she’s written about her string of other famous ex-boyfriends comes from rooting around in a trunk where she hoards keepsakes of their relationships,” The Sun reported.

“Photos of Harry are now in there, along with a chain he had made for her when they got together last year which matches his own favourite necklace, of a paper plane.”

The celebrity couple broke up after a trip to the Caribbean and recently shunned each other at an awards ceremony in France.